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What is a fireproof home?

Residential fires take more than 2,500 lives each year in the United States alone, with most fatal fires occurring when people are asleep as smoke can lull a person into a deep slumber. While no building material is indefinitely fireproof, well-constructed houses and buildings will help prevent tragedies by using materials that are fire-resistant.

There are several vulnerable points of entry that will destroy a home and we cover them all.


We use The Perfect Block ( which is a fireproof wall system.  Not only does it protect against fires, but it is well over R40 in insulative value, which would be equivalent to a 12-inch wall, and it is airtight and cuts way down on outside noise.  How much does it cost?  We don’t charge any more for this.  It is literally the same cost as wood walls.


Windows: To fireproof a home you need steel shutters.  Shutters range from shutters you hang yourself before a fire to shutters that are pre-hung that you simply close to rolling shutters that automatically shut via infrared detectors.  What does it cost? At no charge, we include windows that have one pane of normal glass and another pane of tempered glass to delay breakage.  Shutters cost anywhere from $500 for a 1500 sq ft home for shutters you put up to $900 each window for the automatic roll down shutters.


We have to assume that pine needles and leaves will be on the roof to burn, so we have to fireproof it.  How much does it cost? To have a Class A  one hour roof which means that it will resist fire for one hour, it will cost $1000 for a 1500 sq ft home.  To completely put The Perfect Block on the roof, installed under the roofing, it can cost up to $10,000 extra and also provides added insulation.


Eaves: Stucco under closed eaves is the way to go here.  How much does it cost? This is the way we build …at no extra cost.


Doors: Exterior doors are vulnerable and can be protected with the roll down shutters.  How much does it cost? We don’t charge to install a one hour exterior door.  If a roll down unit is desired, an automatic roll down can be up to $900 per door.


Fire sprinklers inside the house are a requirement now.  Interior sprinklers are designed to completely put out almost any fire within 90 seconds. They are included in each home. 


Any contractor can use The Perfect Block.  If you already have a contractor, tell him about it!

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